Life At The Bottom Compilation

by DONT NEED YOU records

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12 bands, 1 tape!

Featuring new songs from Broken (VIC), Blinded (VIC), Burning Season (NSW) , Crisis Alert (SA) , Crush The Demoniac (VIC), Faitheater (SA), Masochist (QLD), Melchior (SA), Unravel (WA) and XLAIRX (VIC) as well as an unreleased track from Culture of Ignorance (NSW) and a cover from Rebirth (VIC)!


released November 29, 2015



all rights reserved


DONT NEED YOU records Melbourne, Australia

D.I.Y label doing limited runs of tapes outta Melbourne.

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Track Name: Broken - Broken Army Intro/How It Ends
Broken - Intro/How It Ends

Life at the bottom compilation
This is the broken… fucking… army
Representing Melbourne hardcore
No matter what they say
We will always be on top
No La La Shit

How It Ends:
I always knew that it would come to this
They’ve always said, that ignorance is bliss
You think you’re better… I can’t believe it
I’ll make you wish the words you spit never left your fucking lips

I’ll wipe the smile right off your face
The things you say, you’ll never say again
Like poison in our blood you taint the things we love
And although we’ll move on
You won’t get so far

You won’t learn

I always knew…
That it would end like this…
I always… fucking… knew….
Track Name: Blinded - Underneath
Nothing (Nothing)
Left for (Left for)
You to (You to)
Control (Control)
You all hold a meaning,
Slowly knot my soul,
Make sure there's no breathing,
(Submit) into total control.
Formed these past years,
Carry to ruin more,
One by one you'll perish,
burn at the core.
Through the crawl into fear and stress,
Desires grow to bleed Into mess,
Any chance of out,
Is lost in the gripping sound.
Can't seem to breathe,
(You hold your head up) and continue to proceed,
Walk the cracks of my mind,
Find a warm place to hide.
(This is what) breaks a man,
(Relationships), turn again.
Shackled in memories,
It's come down to your apathy.
Claim your fate, wait for the rest,
Hold hands in death, bad dreams laid to rest.
Lay to rest.
(This is what), tears a heart,
(Foundations), break apart,
No easy way out,
From the mind you can't live without.
(See faces)
disappear in a cloud of regret.
(Hear echoing voices)
Pass as they fade away.
Fade away.
Lay to rest,
You're not coming back,
Hang your neck.
Track Name: Burning Season - Orrat Agon
The sun disguises the cold and darkness
Hidden from reality
The light that blinds us controls and defines us
Harnessing brutality
Fortitude encased in doom
I look towards the sky at night
Waiting for the day to break light
The sun stopped rising
And left the world shadowed
Drenched in fear of fading
On the dark side of earth
No one said it was gonna be alright
And know I've never given up without a fight
But I'm sick of playing by the rules I didn't right
Now I'm standing on a knife and I'm scared that I might
Sick of living on the dark side of earth
Sick of living on the dark side of earth
Sick of living in the dark
The dark side of
The dark side of
The dark side of earth
Track Name: Crisis Alert - No Way Out
Everything I know is gone
Wondering where I went wrong
There's no future, there's no hope
I'm trapped inside, I can not cope

No Way Out x4

When I look around and see
I know that I can't be free
I can't see another way
I can't face another day

No Way Out x4
Track Name: Crush The Demoniac - Don't Believe Me, Just Watch
Declare allegiance, to literal thieves
To damn a life to festering disease
To walk a line, defined (by) shit spit shined
Revoked sentiments, piss in the winds of time
Revenge of the ivory devil
Profits, masters, swami, lords Verbal defecation, consumed by all
With daily prajatarah, a future devoured
Pestilence comfort by poisons saliva
With a daily prajatarah, a future devoured
Pestilence comfort by poisons saliva
Trudging through the footsteps of repenters teenage dreams
The truth an purpose are from what it seems
Return of the ivory devil
Sudarshana chakra
Reincarnate the ivory devil
Track Name: Culture Of Ignorance - Spread Disease
What you scrape from foundation
Is what you spread as disease
Dispersing backward opinion
As you preach from your knees

Spread disease
From your knees
Track Name: Faitheater - White Knights
Instigate the Witch Hunt
Who can we, stitch up today?
Who's point of view
Can we corrupt?
For the sake
Of saving face
For the sake
Of saving grace.
Watch me Impress
My flock of friends
Watch me dissect this
Catch phrase trend
Context ignored
Same old fashioned
Don't you all get so bored
Of adding your money's worth
For a cause
That isn't yours
It must be so exhausting
Being you
It must be so depressing
Being offended by an opposing point of view
White knights
Correctness now a contest Just take this out of context
Fuck You.
Track Name: Masochist - Not Welcome
Self-entitled, misogynistic bullshit
Macho jerks, the only way to fit in
Telling me the lack of my worth
I’m not welcome here
That I don’t belong

Forced to the back
For the very last time
I won’t stand for this.
I’m as important as you
My voice, it matters
Get your boot off my neck

Why’re you so scared to
treat me as an equal?
I demand respect
Girls to the front
and to where they wanna be.
Never in your debt.
Track Name: Melchior - Big Mistake (Barely Legal)
There's nothing more pathetic, than a man who can't go a night without
touching himself to a video of a sexual assault recorded
and sold for the pleasure of thousands of men
who are just as pathetic as he is
Put in the next disc
Track Name: Rebirth - Purgatory
We'll all suffer for what we've done
We pay no mind but we're all guilty
We were created and will be taken away just the same
And we'll beg and plead and wish and fade away
False sense fooled by society we've been deceived betrayed once again
I have taken part and for that I am at fault
I've lent a hand in destroying humanity
We'll be judged we'll be punished we'll take responsibility once and for all
Track Name: Unravel - Nemesis
We both
clamber for the same thing,
For something we want,
I'm not the type,
You'd want to cross,
Can you grasp this concept
search for those signs,
You cant take away
What is now mine,
You're everything I'm not,
Slowly die, quickly rot,
Track Name: XLAIRX - Soldiers Of The Natural Order
An army of peace
A fleet of relation
No forgiveness for their crimes
No excuses for their actions
Liberation has a voice
Freedom has a name
Their work not in vain
Forgotten they'll never be
Actions for justice
Actions for mercy
A war is here
A war deserved
Persistence their greatest weapon
Greed your greatest flaw
Peace for all
Their one true goal
Liberation for those once free
Liberation from the evils of man
Gaia's law
The truest form of justice
Liberation's crusade began
No laws shall hold them back
Belief in nature
Not belief in man
A higher cause
Soldiers of the natural order
They have seen the blood
They have heard the cries
They dedicate their lives
So freedom remains
Angels of mercy/Bringers of justice